Bespoke Jewellery



For an entirely personal touch, have something designed and made by our on-site goldsmith.

We understand that Jewellery is personal & unique & can hold high sentimental value.
We are able to work with you, with your designs & ideas in mind to create beautiful, bespoke pieces.

The Benefits

Bespoke Jewellery is the perfect option for creating entirely unique pieces, that can hold a unique sentiment. You are involved in the design process from beginning to end, creating something entirely personal & special to you. We will aid in helping you with design ideas & advice from start to finish.

Isn’t it expensive?

Depending on your requirements, bespoke jewellery will be made entirely to your own specifications. This can include a specific budget bracket that we can use to ensure we keep everything as cost effective as possible.

Remodelling & Refurbishing Existing Jewellery

Have you an air-loom piece or sentimental Jewellery that you don’t wear but could not part with? Having pieces remodelled is the perfect way to make these sentimental items wearable without losing the story & sentimental value.

The Process

It’s simple…
Contact us to arrange a Consultation > Inspiration and Ideas > Developing Your Ideas > Bringing your design to life > Delivery and valuation