Reppin & Jones Jewellers


We understand that Jewellery is personal & unique & can hold high sentimental value.
For an entirely personal touch, have something unique designed & made by us & our wonderful team.


We are able to work with you, with your designs & ideas in mind to create beautiful, bespoke pieces. 

You are involved in the design process from beginning to end, creating something entirely personal & special to you. We will aid in helping you with design ideas & informative advice & guidance from start to finish.


Initial Ideas & Inspirations

Creating a bespoke piece of jewellery is a truly wonderful experience & we aim to make it as special as possible. 

We begin the journey by discussing your ideas & inspirations. We discuss your personal specifications to get a clear vision for what you have in mind – from budget to time scale, we can guide you through the process step by step.

These ideas are then transformed from sketches into Computer Aided Design (CAD) so you are able to see your design(s) in 3D form, right before your eyes!

There is a charge of £50 once we start the CAD process. This is refundable upon completion & covers all CAD Designs of your design should any changes or tweaks in design need to be made.

Step Two

Your perfect design!

Once you are happy with the representation of how your bespoke design will look & wish to proceed, we will ask for a 30% deposit before we start making your piece of jewellery.

We will then proceed with creating your special piece with the help of our exceptionally talented team who will work meticulously to ensure everything about your bespoke jewellery is perfectly crafted.

Step Three

The big reveal!

Once your bespoke jewellery is ready, we will contact you & arrange a convenient time for you to come into the jewellers to collect your special piece.

Here, your item will be boxed & wrapped luxuriously, ready for you.

A FREE Signed Valuation is also available upon request.


Is it expensive?

Depending on your requirements, bespoke jewellery will be made entirely to your own specifications. This can include a specific budget bracket that we can use to ensure we keep everything as cost effective as possible. We ask for a 30% deposit before any work is carried out.

A refundable charge of £50.00 is requested for ALL CAD designs. All of which you will be able to keep, along with other artwork used to create your bespoke jewellery.

Remodelling & Refurbishing Existing Jewellery

Have you an air-loom piece or sentimental Jewellery that you don’t wear but could not part with? Having pieces remodelled is the perfect way to make these sentimental items wearable without losing the story & sentimental value.

We can create new Jewellery from old, use old stones or refurbish existing Jewellery, bringing it back to life. The possibilities are endless…

What metals can be used?

All precious metals can be made from Sterling Silver to Gold & Platinum.

I have various Jewellery that I don't wear, some even broken, can I have something made from that?

Of course! Broken, old or simply unwanted, all precious jewellery can be utilised.

How long does it take?

This depends entirely on what we are creating. If you have a time frame, we will always do what we can to adhere to that.

For example, simple bespoke services such as melting down old jewellery to create new pieces such as plain bands or simple stone set rings, can take between 1-2 weeks. More intricate designs can take between 3-6 weeks.

What if I am unsure with the end result?

In the very rare occasion that you are unhappy with your bespoke jewellery, we will never let you walk away disappointed. We will do all we can to ensure that you are happy, whether that means making slight changes or re-making your bespoke piece.

The design process is very personal & you are very much involved from start to finish to ensure that you nothing less than 100% happy with your commissioned jewellery.

For all enquiries please contact us on 01227272747 or via email at

We are always happy to offer advice & guidance.